What is YTH ?


3 selling points

  • 1:TurbulenceTM Filter
  • 2:Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • 3:Save space at back-end of machinery tools

1. TurbulenceTM Filter

YTH can achieve substantial reduction in filter maintenance with compact design which ensures clog-free filtration system, by automatically washing away the sludge sticking to the filter.

  • No need to replace (or wash) filters frequently
  • No need to remove sludge and chips from Coolant tanks
  • No need to halt machines during maintenance

Our special Turbulence TM design generates turbulence around the surface of filter with 2 wing-shaped vanes rotating around filter and can wash away sludge from filter surface continuously.

2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership of YTH is much lower than exisiting high pressure coolant units

3. Save space at back-end of machinery tools

Various components of the coolant unit are all combined in one.
YTH greatly expands the working space and offers an easy-to-work and efficient environment

How to install

YTH can be directly embedded into an existing dirty tank or place it next to a machinery tool as a in-line unit

Installation of YTH

Chip recovery

Chip recovery is simple! —the YTH separates and ejects chips in lumps.