The Cyclone Filter is Built In
This is a YTH Basic Series

Features of CT

World's First—All-in-one Medium-pressure Coolant Pump


This is a basic YTH model consolidating a large coolant system into one unit. Simply replace a conventional medium-pressure pump with YTH-CT to reduce the occupied space to 1/20th by volume.
The saved space expands the available plant space,resulting in a higher production efficiency.

  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.0 MPa
  • Maximum flow rate: 28.8 liters/min
  • No suction filter is required
  • No clean tank is required
  • No transfer pump is required on the coolant tank end
  • No plumbing is required to interconnect various components

Cyclone-type, All-in-one Medium-pressure Pump

Double-cyclone filter
Two layers of double cyclones (one large cyclone and six small cyclones) remove chips from the coolant fluid.
Trochoid™ pump/ 2.0 MPa, 1.5 MPa
A rotor turning in a trochoidal curve generates pressure to suck and discharge fluid. This is an extremely efficient self-priming pump.
Compatible with the TAZUNA™ fluid control system (software)
TAZUNA™ reduces the electric power cost further by approximately 20%.
The pressure and flow rate are automatically adjusted.

Model Numbering System


① Motor capacity750 : 0.75 kW
1500 : 1.5 kW
② Motor type *Standard motorA3 : AC 200/200/220/230 V
50/60/60/60 Hz
3 phase electric induction motor (IE3) with CE marking
Local motorAE : supplied by NOP Deutschland (Germany)
AF : supplied by NOP Taiwan
AJ : supplied by NOP Asia (China)
AK : supplied by NOP India
③ Rotor capacityT208 : Trochoid™ pump,
8 cc/rev
T216 : Trochoid™ pump,
16 cc/rev
Filtering methodC : Double-cyclone type
Relief valveVD : External return type
④ Relief pressure setting20 : 2.0 MPa
15 : 1.5 MPa

For further details about the local motor, please contact to our overseas branch or subsidiaries.

Dimensional Drawing (Motor type : A3)



ModelMotor capacity(kW) Flow rate
(ℓ / min)
Maximum pressure
Approximate weight
YTH750A3-T208CVD**0.7512.0 / 14.42.034
YTH1500A3-T216CVD**1.524.0 / 28.839
YTH750AE-T208CVD**0.7512.0 / —26
YTH1500AE-T216CVD**1.524.0 / —29

* ④ Relief pressure setting ⑤ Filtering performance

A sample configuration

Double-cyclone Filter

A proprietary double-cyclone system removes chips .
The first cyclone removes larger debris, while the second cyclones remove smaller particles. The line-filter cleaning cycle is extended by 24 times.
※ Chips larger than 20µm in size is removed (when using water-soluble coolant fluid).

Compatible types of chips

  • ※ No liquid containing abrasive stone/grain is allowed
  • ※ Please contact us for the use of High Silicon Aluminum

Filtering performance

Suction strainer3mm (Solids larger than this must be removed from the tank)
Filter Water-soluble coolant fluid
50 µm: 95% (specific gravity 2.7)
100 µm: 99.9% (specific gravity 2.7)
  • ※ Filtering performance is effective only to continuous running(Ineffective results for intermittent running)

High-efficiency Trochoid™ Pump

YTH-CT uses a Trochoid™ pump which excels in fluid control efficiency. The double-cyclone system sorts out chips and enables direct connection to the coolant tank.
  1. ■ Compatible types of fluid
    • Water-soluble coolant fluid
    • Not for water-insoluble coolant fluid, lubricant oil or fuel oil
    • Not for clear water, purified water, aqueous solutions and viscous fluids without rust-preventive property, corrosive liquid, solvents, and oils
  2. ■ Relief valve is built into the unit


Huge Energy Saving Effect Reduces Utility Costs

The use of YTH-CT results in huge energy savings over the conventional centrifugal pumps. The electric power cost is greatly reduced.

  • ■ Operating cycle: total 80 seconds cycle
    Unload (0MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒Coolant through (1.1 MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒Unload (0MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒Coolant through (1.1 MPa) 20 sec.
  • ■ The calculation is based on operation 8 hours/day, 365 days/year, and the electric power billed at ¥20/kWh.
    • ※ Results may differ according to the conventional pump specifications and the machining conditions(reference data)

Comparison of power consumption during machining operation

Comparison of annual electric power costs

Performance Curves

Water-soluble coolant [ general performance ]

Oil used: Type A3 solution containing 2% water-soluble cutting

Required power
Required power

Spindle Oil [ general performance ]

Oil used: ISO VG2

Required power
Required power