The Cyclone Filter is Built In
This is a YTH Basic Series

Features of CI

Large flow All-in-one Low-pressure coolant pump


This is a YTH corresponding to large flow and low pressure with cyclone filter. YTH-CI enables operators to be free from troubles and filter maintenance around a coolant tank because of automatic clean-up system by cyclone filter.

  • Total pump head: 40~65 m
  • No suction filter is required (continuous operation only)
  • Continuous operation only (intermittent running is not applicable)
  • ※ Water-soluble coolant fluid
Cyclone filter
The cyclone system sorts out chips from the coolant fluid.
Impeller pump
Centrifugal mechanism generates pressure to supply a large flow coolant.
This is a large flow transfer pump

Applications to various types of coolant tanks

Plan-AApplication coolant tank + isolated clean tank

YTH-CI transfers filtered coolant from a coolant tank to an isolated clean tank. Filtered coolant is supplied to machining centers by High-Medium pressure coolant supply pumps. Chips and contaminants are pushed out from YTH-CI and collected by magnet separator or sedimentation tank.


Plan-BApplication to integrated coolant tank and clean tank

YTH-CI can totally clean up a coolant tank by circulation flow. At the same time, YTH-CI also automatically backwash plate strainers between a coolant tank and a clean tank by suction of dirty coolant, which reduces maintenance work for backwash plate dramatically.


Plan-CApplication to single coolant tank (without clean tank)

YTH-CI supplies filtered coolant to nozzles in a machinery tool. When the machinery tool stops metal cutting operation, YTH-CI automatically switches to cleaning of a coolant tank by circulation flow.

【YTH-CI –the All in one coolant unit】
  • Coolant supply:Filtered coolant is supplied to avoid clogging and damages to surface of work piece
  • Chips and contaminants collection:Chips and contaminants in a coolant tank is automatically collected to reduce maintenance work dramatically
  • Agitation of coolant:Making circulation flow in a coolant tank delays fermentation of coolant, which results in less odor around the coolant tank

Model Numbering System


① Motor capacity1500 : 1.5kW
3700 : 3.7kW
② Motor typeAC : AC 200/200/220/230 V
50/60/60/60 Hz
3 phase electric induction motor (IE3) with CE marking
③ Flow rate * 50HzI155 : Impeller pump
(5 stages/150l)
60HzI152 : Impeller pump
(2 stages/150l)
50HzI305 : Impeller pump
(5 stages/300l)
60HzI302 : Impeller pump
(2 stages/300l)
Filtering methodC : cyclone type

* I155・I305 is not applicable to 60Hz

Dimensional Drawing (typical / Motor type : AC)

ModelMotor capacity(kW)Flow rate
Total pump head
Approximate weight
YTH1500AC-I155C (50Hz)1.51505543
YTH1500AC-I152C (60Hz)40
YTH3700AC-I305C (50Hz)3.73005570
YTH3700AC-I302C (60Hz)4069

Cyclone filter

Unique reversed cyclone filtration system enables to separate clean coolant and contaminants. Contaminants are pushed up through side surface of cyclone filter by centrifugal force and discharged. Clean coolant are collected to center of cyclone filter and boosted up by multiple-stage impellor pump.

Compatible types of chips

  • ※ Please contact us for the use of high hardness materials or Silumin (Silicon content of 6% or more).

Filtering performance

Suction strainer3mm (Solids larger than this must be removed from the tank)
Cyclone filter Water soluble coolant
100 µm: 99.9% (specific weight 2.7)
Straight oil
100 µm: ≤80% (specific weight 2.7)

Impeller Pump

  1. ■ Compatible types of fluid
    • Water-soluble coolant fluid
    • Not for Water-insoluble coolant fluid, lubricant oil or fuel oil
    • Not for clear water, purified water, aqueous solutions and viscous fluids without rust-preventive property, corrosive liquid, solvents, and oils

Impeller pump

Impeller pump

Performance Curves

Water-soluble coolant [ general performance ]

Oil used: JIS K2241, Type A3 solution containing 2% water-soluble cutting fluid

Q-H Curve
Required power
Q-H Curve
Required power