A TurbulenceTM filter is built in
This is a YTH High-Spec Series.

Features of ET

An All-in-one, Medium Pressure Coolant Pump

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All components of a coolant system are consolidated into a single YTH unit. No line and suction filters are required. The use of YTH-ET reduces the required space to about 1/20th by volume of that occupied by a conventional coolant system.
The saved space expands the available plant space, resulting in a higher production efficiency.

  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.0 MPa
  • Maximum flow rate: 28.8 liters/min
  • No suction filter is required
  • No line filter is required
  • No clean tank is required
  • No transfer pump is required on the coolant tank end
  • No plumbing is required to interconnect various components

Trochoid™ -type, All-in-one Medium-pressure Pump

Turbulence™ filter
With turbulence action, the sludge sticking to the filter is cleaned, rendering the filter clog-free.
Trochoid™ pump/ 2.0 MPa, 1.5 MPa
A rotor turning in a trochoidal curve generates pressure to suck and discharge fluid. This is an extremely efficient self-priming pump.
Compatible with the TAZUNA™ fluid control system (software)
TAZUNA reduces the electric power cost further by approximately 20%.
The pressure and flow rate are automatically adjusted.

Model Numbering System


① Motor capacity750 : 0.75kW
1500 : 1.5kW
② Motor type *1Standard motorA3 : AC 200/200/220/230 V
50/60/60/60 Hz
3 phase electric induction motor (IE3) with CE marking
Local motorAE: supplied by NOP Deutschland (Germany)
AF: supplied by NOP Taiwan
AJ: supplied by NOP Asia (China)
AK: supplied by NOP India
③ Rotor capacityT208 : Trochoid™ pump , 8 cc/rev
T216 : Trochoid™ pump , 16 cc/rev
S208 : Trochoid™ pump , 8 cc/rev *2
S216 : Trochoid™ pump , 16 cc/rev *2
Filtering methodE : Turbulence™filter type
Relief valveVD : External return type
④ Relief pressure setting *320 : 2.0 MPa
15 : 1.5 MPa
⑤ Filtering performanceB : 50 µm (for spindle oil coolant)
C : 20 µm

*1 For further details about the local motor,please contact to our overseas branch or subsidiaries.
*2 S is wear resistant type for hard and abrasive materials.
*3 Refer to specifications for the compatible model for each relief value setting.

Dimensional Drawing (Motor type : A3)



ModelMotor capacity(kW) Flow rate
Maximum pressure
Approximate weight
YTH750A3-T208EVD**0.7512.0 / 14.41.5 / 1.534
YTH1500A3-T216EVD**1.524.0 / 28.22.0 / 2.039
YTH1500A3-S216EVD**0.7512.0 / 14.41.5 / 1.534
YTH1500A3-S216EVD**1.524.0 / 28.22.0 / 2.039

* ④ Relief pressure setting ⑤ Filtering performance

A sample configuration

Turbulence™ Filter

Our special Turbulence™ design generates turbulence around the surface of filter with 2 wing-shaped vanes rotating around filter and can wash away sludge from filter surface continuously.

Compatible types of chips

  • ※ No liquid containing abrasive stone/grain is allowed
  • ※ Please contact us for the use of high hardness materials or Silumin (Silicon content of 6% or more).

Filtering performance

Suction strainer3mm (Solids larger than this must be removed in the tank)
Filter20 µm
50 µm(for spindle oil coolant)

High efficiency Trochoid™ pump

  1. ■ Compatible types of fluid
    • Water-soluble coolant fluid
      Water-insoluble coolant fluid of 15 mm²/s or less viscosity
    • Not for lubricant oil or fuel oil
    • Not for clear water, purified water, aqueous solutions and viscous fluids without rust-preventive property, corrosive liquid, solvents, and oils 
  2. ■ Relief valve is built into the unit

Trochoid™ Pump

TrochoidTM Pump

S type (Wear resistance)

For its special wear resistant structure, S type can be installed on coolant tanks of machines which are machining materials which generate hard and abrasive Chips.

  • ■ Balance plate
    Pump generates inner pressure to press the balance plate toward the Trochoid rotor side, which helps in reducing the clearance created due to wear and thereby minimize the pressure drop, ensuring desired performance for a longer time
  • ■ Shaft and bearing reinforcement
    Improved wear resistance by employing sprayed ceramic on shaft bearing area and usage of ceramic bearing.
  • ■ Double seal & cartridge system
    Seal Area is reinforced to prevent leakage and Cartridge System ensures ease of replacement.

Huge Energy Saving Effect Reduces Utility Costs

The use of YTH-ET results in huge energy savings over the conventional centrifugal pumps. The electric power cost is greatly reduced.

  • ■ Operating cycle: total 80 seconds cycle
    Unload (0MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒Coolant through (1.1 MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒ Unload (0MPa) 20 sec.
    ⇒Coolant through (1.1 MPa) 20 sec.
  • ■ The calculation is based on operation 8hours/day, 365days/year, and the electric power billed at ¥20/kWh.
    • ※ Results may differ according to the conventional pump specifications and the machining conditions(reference data)

Comparison of power consumption during machining operation

Comparison of annual electric power costs

Performance Curves

Water-soluble coolant [ general performance ]

Oil used: Type A3 solution containing 2% water-soluble cutting

※ The maximum pressure of ET208,ES208 is 1.5 MPa.

Required power
Required power

Spindle Oil [ general performance ]

Oil used: ISO VG2

※ The maximum pressure of ET208,ES208 is 1.5 MPa.

Required power
Required power